Structured tumbling by Revolution Athletics Tumbling Academy is a professionally designed tiered tumbling program that provides verifiable feedback to athletes and parents to assess progress. Structured tumbling sets clear goals, motivates athletes to succeed and builds confidence through achievement. Each course is designed to build upon the athlete’s previously mastered skills and body structure development. Build confidence, build structure, and build skills through the Revolution Athletics Tumbling Academy.

Our structured RA Tumble Academy is designed to level-up athletes based on their individual goals and achievments. Each level of the Academy is designed to increase the athletes skill set and push their current limits while encouraging them through a flywheel of success.

In order to advance to the next level, the athlete must be able to perform all skills listed safely and effectively. Advancement of the athlete will be the decision of the coach.  Class times are 55 minutes each. The athlete will periodically be sent home with a score card of their current level and their achievements. 


1. A Candelstick to the upright position without hands
2. A forward roll in tuck and straddle position
3. A backward roll on wedge mat, tuck and straddle positions
4. Lunge to arabesque (T) to handstand
5. A cartwheel with straight legs
6. Progression to a round-off
7. Push up to bridge
8. Bridge from standing – hold for 10 seconds with a spot
9. Handstand control to bridge with a spot
10. Tuck, pike, straddle body positions

BRONZE Course Skills

1. Lunge to handstand, 4 seconds with vertical position
2. Handstand bridge
3. Bridge kickover, back walkover
4. Handstand forward roll with assistance
5. A cartwheel with straight legs
6. Round off with hollow body
7. Body mechanics of a back handspring
8. Sit, arch, block, hollow back handspring over barrel
9. Power hurdle
10. Left | Right cartwheel with straight legs

SILVER Course Skills

1. Handstand forward roll
2. Power hurdle round-off rebound
3. A standing back handspring
4. Front handspring, front handspring stepout
5. A round-off back handspring rebound
6. Back extension roll to pushup
7. Back extension roll to handstand
8. Single arm cartwheel off elevated surface
9. Body mechanics of aerial


GOLD Course Skills

1. Standing back handspring with good technique
2. A round-off series rebound
3. A standing series rebound
4. A power hurdle round-off back handspring rebound
5. A power hurdle round-off back handspring rebound onto
elevated surface
6. Body mechanics for a front/back tuck
7. A front handspring step out to round-off back handspring
8. Aerial off elevated surface

PLATINUM Course Skills

1. . Complete understanding of back tuck before connection
with other skills
2. Round-off back handspring tuck
3. Standing back handspring rebound to elevated surface
4. Standing back tuck off elevated surface
5. Punch front
6. Aerial

MASTERS 1 Course Skills

1. Round-off back handspring layout
2. Standing back handspring back tuck
3. Two back handsprings layout
4. Standing back tuck
5. Punch front through to round-off
6. A front handspring front tuck on tumble track
7. Progressions of whip
8. Left | Right aerial
9. Body mechanics for front aerial

MASTERS 2 Course Skills

1. A round-off back handspring layout full
2. Standing back handsprings layout and full
3. A front handspring front tuck on floor
4. Bounding skills
5. A round-off back handspring layout double full
6. Standing back handsprings full and double full
7. A standing full
8. A front handspring front tuck through to round-off

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